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Insuring coops and condos made easy - really, really easy. If your building is listed on the home page that means that our system already contains information on your residence and you do not have to contact anyone further. Simply select where you live, answer a few easy questions, and receive quotes on-line from licensed and professional staff. If your building is not listed, then select “Other” and click on “Next“ to proceed.


Get no obligations quotes online for your home. Select “Private Home“ then click “Next“, complete a short application and receive multiple quotes. Talk to a live agent or do everything on-line. It’s easy and fast.

Property Manager or Owner

If you are a Property Manger or Owner and would like to have your building listed and pre-approved for coverage for your residents, send us an email here and include the following information: property name, address, # of units, identify commercial tenants if any, year built, years of major renovations, # of floors, construction type (non combustible, fire resistive, etc,) sprinkler %, building's liability and property insurance carrier with limits and expiration date, and identify where the unit owners responsibility begins (i.e. sheet rock inside unit, pipes, etc.) or provide us with your standard lease agreement.

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